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Stress Headache Pain Relief In 1 Minute
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Mike Menkes
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It works!” Clifton Thomas, MD – Nacogdoches Texas

My headache is gone. I can see better.” B A Budd 

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5 Minute Video – Treatment Origin and Illustrations

Since 2005, I have had the pleasure of treating over 2,000 people with just my unique hands-on system within 1 minute: migraines, brain injuries, neck and shoulder tension, fatigue, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, carpal tunnel, low back pain eye strain, feeling of being overwhelmed,  post-op recovery, athletic enhancement, artistic creativity.

Mike just held the back of my head for 2 minutes while I was sitting in a chair and my back pain is gone.” Bank America officer –  North Miami 

My technique may be used solo and in combination with other modalities to enhance treatment results.


Cranial treatment for neck pain while client is sitting on a stair step

I am available to demonstrate and to teach professionals, caregivers, parents, military, corporate employees, first responders.


Former Clientele

Earle Mack Ambassador to Finland, Bill Koch America’s Cup Winner, Gov. George Pataki, Rod Dixon Boston Marathon Winner, Peter Martins NYC Ballet

On-site demonstrations  Corporations, Military, Sports, Schools, Parents, Caregivers


Mike Menkes  954 534 1887